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 20.01.2016Consumption Research Norway – SIFO is part of Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA)
 09.07.2015Organic food and malformations in the urinary tract (hypospadias) in newborn boys
 19.09.2014Organic vegetables may reduce risk of pre-eclampsia cases
 14.03.2014Call for papers:
 04.07.2013The role of standardization in the shaping of a vision for nanotechnology
 10.06.2013Young health
 30.05.2013Conference: Climate change and food security in India
 22.05.2013New book: Consumers and Nanotechnology
 08.03.2013Environmental and ethical perceptions related to clothing labels among Norwegian consumers
 22.02.2013Invitation for Contributions
 30.01.2013Consumer perspectives on eco-labelling of textiles
 30.01.2013 Barriers to the success of eco-labels for textiles
 17.01.2013A new issue of Anthropology of Food
 09.01.2013Call for papers - children's food heritage
 29.11.2012Trouble with the solution: Fabric softeners and odour properties
 13.06.2012On Whiteness
 13.06.2012The consumer attention deficit syndrome
 25.04.2012'Trade, not aid'
 25.04.2012Gambling in the news and the revelation of market power
 20.04.2012Ethics and action
 30.03.2012Sustainable clothing design
 28.03.2012Beyond the Industrial Paradigm? Consumers and Trust in Food
 27.02.2012Changing Laundry Habits in Norway
 12.12.2011Complexities of labelling of nano-products on the consumer markets
 26.10.2011Leisure and sustainable development in Norway: part of the solution and the problem
 18.10.2011Slimming lines
 23.05.2011AoFood - issue on FOOD HERITAGE - NOW ONLINE
 09.05.2011Product differentiation and cooperative governance
 09.05.2011Materialised Ideals: Sizes and Beauty
 12.04.2011Direct markets as multiple consumption spaces
 25.02.2011Lovin' It?: A Study of Youth and the Culture of Fast Food
 14.02.2011Potential for environmental improvements in laundering
 29.11.2010Cleaning Effect of Household Laundry Detergents at Low Temperatures
 18.11.2010Invitation to International Colloquium in Brussels
 16.11.2010Invitation to workshop
 15.11.2010"Healthism" and looking good
 30.08.2010Education about organic food and sustainability in Denmark, Finland, Italy and Norway
 30.08.2010Education about organic food and sustainability in Denmark, Finland, Italy and Norway
 02.06.2010Invitation to workshop
 18.05.2010Eating Out: a multifaceted activity in contemporary Norway
 18.05.2010Young People`s school food styles: Naughty or nice?
 16.04.2010Housing and Welfare Policy - Changing Relations?
 22.02.2010I am only 10 years old
 02.02.2010The EMF uncertainty problem related to mobile phones
 09.11.2009“Nobody Told Me I was a Nano-Consumer”
 11.09.2009Are parents gender neutral when financing their children's consumption?
 20.08.2009Risk, Responsibility, Rights, Regulation and Representation in the Value Chain of Nano-Products
 12.08.2009RFID—the “Next Step” in Consumer–Product Relations or Orwellian Nightmare?
 13.07.2009In-store Marketing as a Mode of Discipline
 03.06.2009New SIFO publication
 27.05.2009New SIFO publication
 22.05.2009New article
 08.04.2009Sociology fools the technician?
 01.04.2009Taming the Game
 27.02.2009New SIFO publication
 27.01.2009New SIFO publication
 22.01.2009New SIFO publication
 15.01.2009New SIFO publication
 07.01.2009New SIFO publication
 07.01.2009New SIFO publication
 03.01.2009Invitation to presentation and discussion
 22.12.2008New issue of Anthropology of Food
 21.11.2008iPOPY seminar in Finland
 24.10.2008New SIFO publication
 15.10.2008New issue of Anthropology of food
 26.09.2008New publication
 24.09.2008EuroMARC seminar invitation
 23.09.2008New publication
 02.06.2008Food models and social recompositions in Latin America
 20.05.2008New SIFO publication
 08.04.2008Anthropology of food a webjournal
 10.03.2008Kick off meeting for NANOPLAT in Bergen, Norway
 14.02.2008New SIFO publication
 13.02.2008ASCEE Expert Workshop on Sustainable Consumption
 25.01.2008New SIFO publication
 16.01.2008New SIFO publication
 16.01.2008New SIFO publication
 10.10.2007The Nordic Consumer Policy Research Conference
 09.05.2007Invitation to Nordic seminar
 09.01.2006New SIFO project
 04.01.2006Invitation to EURSAFE 2006
 09.12.2005Twentieth-century housewives
 16.11.2005Animal friendliness and food consumption practices
 04.11.2005Invitation to the conference: Science and society improving animal welfare
 19.08.2005Paper to the 7th conference of European sociological association, “Rethinking inequalities”, Torun 9th-12th September 2005.
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